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by Marie-Monique Robin and translated by Allison Schein and Lara Vergnaud

From the publisher: Called “terrifying” by L’Express and “a gripping and urgent book for anyone concerned about democracy, corporate power, or public health” by Stuffed and Starved author Raj Patel, Our Daily Poison takes award-winning journalist and filmmaker Marie-Monique Robin across North America, Europe, and Asia. The book documents the many ways in which we encounter a shocking array of chemicals in our everyday lives—from the pesticides that blanket our crops to the additives and plastics that contaminate our food—and their effects over time.

“Full of facts, stories, and wisdom” (The Huffington Post), Our Daily Poison follows the trail of the synthetic molecules in our environment and our food, tracing the ugly history of industrial chemical production, as well as the shoddy regulatory system for chemical products that still operates today. Mustering scientific studies, expert testimony, and interviews with farmworkers suffering from acute chronic poisoning, Robin makes a shocking case for how corporate interests and our ignorance may be costing us our lives.

Marie-Monique Robin is an award-winning French journalist and filmmaker. She received the 1995 Albert Londres Prize, awarded to investigative journalists in France. She is the director and producer of more than thirty documentaries and investigative reports filmed in Latin America, Africa, Europe, and Asia. Robin is the author of The World According to Monsanto: Pollution, Corruption, and the Control of Our Food Supply and Our Daily Poison: From Pesticides to Packaging, How Chemicals Have Contaminated the Food Chain and Are Making Us Sick (both published by The New Press), among other works. She lives outside Paris.

The New Press, 2016

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